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We never expect you to spend hours trawling through a mountain of online dating profiles. This defeats the purpose of going online to find a date in the first place. Every time you log into your profile, you'll receive a list of members that we think could be a good fit for you. We base this on the information posted by members within their free dating profile. It's not rocket science, but it works!

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I like hanging out with friends,am also hard working
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i like walking my dog, spending time with family and friends. to find out more chat to me
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Like the outdoors enjoy time outside. Enjoy Classic Rock music from 1950's & 60's Also some stuff from the 1980's. Getting close to retirement so want to start travelling again. Have a list of cou
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I beleve that every one has some one spichel im a lover of life want to hav a gud life seeking someone to love me and hav fun with I love art drawing watching movies cuddeling holding hands kissing wr

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